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This is what a good presentation looks like has some fascinating data on what makes a great sales call. Their AI-infused software analyzes conversations to arrive at patterns that support the best sales outcomes. Brilliant idea. Anyway, what struck me about this is how closely it aligns to what a good presentation is all about. It's not just about the delivery of information. It's not just about the rapport. It's not just about discussing the business issues, problems and their impact. It's about the back-and-forth that needs to happen in a presentation to establish the trust and connection to get to the next step.

Effective Discovery Calls break into thirds

It's about conversational presentations. In my opinion, the more conversational the better, when in a sales presentation. The more someone takes an active part in the learning process, or the change process as in with a sales presentation, the more they are owning the outcome. Unless you're delivering a TED talk or stage performance. Most presentations could use a bit more of this back-and-forth engagement for better outcomes.

Discovery calls should feel like a tennis match. A presentation should feel like a class discussion.

The more back-and-forth dialogue, the better your dds

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