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Where meetings go to die and how AI rescues them

I am grateful for a robot that helps me schedule meetings. There, I said it. If it wasn't for Amy, ( I don't think I would have been able to grow my company as fast as I have. I have other bots in my life, like Alexa and Siri, but neither has yet to substantially contribute to my business as Amy has. Working with the subscribed service, I have been able to conduct 321 meetings since Jan 1, 2018 that were set up by Amy ('s AI scheduling bot) saving me about 91 hours of email ping-pong so far.

But surprisingly, that time savings, thank-you-very-much, isn't actually the most important benefit using What you'll find after many months of using the service is how it actually rescues meeting intentions that would otherwise have fallen off the radar - back into reality - which is your calendar. Unlike sending a passive calendly-type link, Amy sends up to 3 reminder emails to your guest with various options to respond and book something. This kind of active scheduling make a big difference in making sure important meetings happen.


"Yes, lets talk next week" are the famous last words we hear or say every day with the best of intentions to connect sometime. And then, one or more of the following things happen that puts the kaibash on that mutual intention that leaves the meeting to die a slow death.

* You fail to follow up - because you're busy.

* You forget to follow up - because you're human.

* They inadvertently mark your email as read

* They forget to follow up - because they're busy too.

* You both can't seem to find a time or place to meet after 1 or 2 attempts

* You send them your calendar link and they don't book anything.

* You don't follow up on the calendar link you sent them.

Conversations matter - they can change the world. But not if they don't happen. I consider Amy a co-worker. I like to say that Amy (or Andrew) is more than an AI scheduler - they are relentless advocates for making sure important conversations happen. Want to meet with me? You have to go through Amy first LOL.

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