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If you want people to listen to you, research indicates you need four things: authority, empathy, co

Wonderful article by Emma Acton - what I really like about it is the equal power that empathy has in a presentation. I understand empathy to mean connection and engagement with your audience. How do you do this with large groups of 10,50 or 1000? The answer is simple. Everyone has got a phone in their pocket and you could engage with them and be empathetic by having a two way conversation using technology like

You can also empathize by designing your presentation in such a way that you let the audience dictate what you will talk about and the order in which she will talk about those things. For example showing them a mind map that you've designed in Prezi and taking them through a journey of that my map based on what people have said in that group at that time about what is important to them.

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