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Let's refine your marketing message and get sales enabled.

Your solution is only as good as how you communicate it. Our marketing strategy focuses on converting engagement into real sales conversations, not just clicks and likes.


Goodbye brag-marketing.
Hello, leadership selling.

They say sales is an act of leadership. How are you leading?
Go from 'who we are' and 'what we do' to who they should be, how they can get there, and why it's 'game-over' if they don't.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 3.46.48 PM.png

Fascinating Fact
The partial HTML diagram below was generated by taking the PNG screenshot of the above diagram, and uploading into ChatGPT4, then asking it to recreate it using HMTL5 and Javascript. It then was able to produce this below.

What's the point?
Web Development isn't what it used to be. It has become easier with the use of AI and other drag-and-drop tools. The hard part is and will continue to be deciding what the essential strategy and story is, what sections need to be written, and in what way- to enroll prospects into becoming customers.

This is what we do.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Messaging Blueprint & Roadmap

Get your core-executive team, your top sellers and your ideal customers aligned with two, 90 Minute Group Workshops that step through the Magnetic Messaging Framework and Questionnaire whose answers form the basis of your blueprint. Have us facilitate up to 5 one-on-one interviews to confirm, validate and nail your sales and marketing message.

DELIVERY: AI-Ready Messaging Blueprint and 90 Day Marketing Roadmap

TIMEFRAME: 3 Weeks (Up to 5 people)

Thought Leadership Webinar Series Development

Get set-up with the Webinar Consulting and Training you need to launch a Webinar Series that will fill your pipeline and create snackable content in social media. Get a proven-to-convert Webinar Slide Template along the method to create the Top 10 Video Highlight Social shorts.

DELIVERY: Webinar Series Set-up, Webinar Content Calendar and Slide Template


Website Design

Using the framework developed in the Blueprint phase, we will construct and deploy a website tailored for optimal conversion rates. This includes a comprehensive package: a site map, wireframes, and copywriting, along with stock photos, bespoke design, and development on Wordpress (alternative platforms are available). Our service also encompasses 2 rounds of revisions, foundational on-site SEO, a strategic website launch plan complemented by 30 days of support, and thorough training upon handover.



GPT4-powered Warm Email Campaign & Case Study

We'll craft an entire email sequence using GPT4 that will turn cold encounters into interested buyers along with a case study landing page.

DELIVERY: Content for email campaign and Case Study


Sales Deck Reimagined for Breakthrough Conversations

Turn your ineffective sales deck into 3 facetted guided discovery conversations, designed to connect more effectively with clients and streamline your sales process. By breaking down complex information into 3 natural parts your sales team will enhance client understanding and engagement, fostering stronger relationships and improved sales outcomes.

DELIVERY: Google Slide Sales Demo/Discovery/Presentation


On-going Development of Marketing Content

This work can take place in 90-day sprints as a Fractional CMO/CRO who will help manage the strategy and implementation of sales and marketing enablement.

DELIVERY: 90 Day Sprints


Image by Tool., Inc
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