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"You have taken your first step into a much larger world."

              - Obi Wan Kenobi


Level-up your presentations

PitchKitchen is proud to be an authorized partner

Create presentations that are more natural, conversational and build trust.


Support your team and empower your audience with interactive presentations that deliver value and create trust. Turn your presentations into conversations that create memorable events and shared insights.


Modern conferences are platforms for conversations.

Crowdsource the best questions from your audience, use live QA, polls,

wordclouds and social feedback technology. 

How do you make your presentation more interactive?

How can you make your presentation more memorable?

Conference Presentation Packages


Bare Bones: Set-up


PitchKitchen is Proud to be a partner. is the leading audience interaction technology. This package includes Slido License Only - Duration 7 days, Advanced Privacy settings, Custom Event code, Moderation, Branding, Up to 1,000 Event Participants, Up to 5 Admin accounts, Unlimited Polls, Data exports, Survey polls, Multiple rooms, Advanced settings, Livestream integration, Agenda, Online Training, Priority Support, Up to 3 hours of Slido Set-up and configuration advice.


Presentation Gym: Screening, Coaching and Preparing Presenters


Slido License plus - Sponsored by the conference organizer, PitchKitchen will schedule one-on-one presentation screening, scoring, rehearsals and coaching sessions with up to 10 presenters scheduled to speak at your conference. We will help each presenter level-up their presentation by offering best presentation practices advice, encouraging them to use interactive technology, getting them comfortable and rehearsed using the technology and come to the conference ready to provide the most value to attendees. These sessions provide your speakers with feedback on their content structure, design advice, interaction recommendations. Includes 2, 1 hour sessions per presenter. Additional speaker sessions $750 each.


Presentation Design: Custom Prezi presentation design

$3,500 per presentation

Help your speakers move away from bullet points and into dynamic visual presentations. PitchKitchen will collaborate with your speakers to transform their PowerPoint into clear and impactful Prezi's. Up to 15 frames/slides. Includes graphic design and story alignment. Presentation design and consulting conducted by two-time winning best prezi designers.


Additional Services

On-Site Support

$1,200 per day, per person

Slido polling support, Includes maning iPads, laptops, Prezi Presentation Support, PowerPoint Support onsite during the conference. Travel, hotel and other out-of-pocket expenses additional.

"When answers become cheap, good questions become more difficult and therefore more valuable."

Kevin Kelly, Founder of Wired Magazine, Author of The Inevitable, Understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future.

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