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A presentation is a journey.

Custom Business Presentations





Take your audience on a journey and leave them talking. We can provide expert presentation coaching to help you get the result you want.


From creating a narrative and design concepts to developing entire presentation templates, we can make sure your pitch makes the right impact on your audience.


Using the design assets you may already have in place—your website content, PowerPoint, and visual assets, we can enhance or redesign your presentations.


We help structure your ideas into presentations that let you present at your best while

helping your audience remember all the details.

Custom Prezi Design starts with a clear understanding of what you are trying to communicate, and ends with a custom design that will help you present at your best at the same time help your audience remember all the details.

Custom Prezi Design Services

PitchKitchen is a small group of award winning presentation designers, marketers and pitch coaches who help people within organizations create custom business presentations that accomplish two goals:

    1. Help you present at your best

    2. Help your audience understand and remember all the details

We work with clients who are at different stages of their presentation development. Some come with only an idea, and others come with fully developed PowerPoint presentations that they want to convert it into a more dymamic experience.

Prezi and PowerPoint Makeover

Sometimes it takes an outsider with an eye for simplicity to help you see the forest for the trees and distill your ideas into a narrative anyone can appreciate.

New Presentations

From developing your story to creating your charts and infographics, we can make sure your presentation has the right effect.

Existing Presentations

Using the pieces you already have created, we can refine, redesign and improve existing PowerPoint or Prezi presentations.


We've been involved with hundreds of company events, creating the theme and message strategy to crafting presentations for keynotes and break-out sessions.

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