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Fill your day talking with customers.

instead of dead-end prospecting and no-reply outreach.

PitcKitchen is a Growbots Partner

We provide prospecting automation consulting services to get you up-and-running with qualified sales appointments using Growbots.


Prospecting Automation Consulting

Compress your learning curve. Get new business now.


Your sales teams day is being spent on prospecting and outreach but have had limited results. You and your team would much rather be spending your valuable time having true business conversations with warm-lead prospects. Not only would you and your team enjoy having those conversations with new potential customers, it's ONLY in those conversations that give you the possibility that new business and where new revenue can happen.



Figuring out what your ideal customer looks like, what targets to filter to set up all the required campaigns takes a lot of time. 


We have the experience of what works and what doesn't you don't have to make the same mistakes as everyone else, which also maybe be costly to repair.


Writing emails that don't sound spammy, or worse are marked as SPAM can do long-term damage to your business.

Do you like the idea of using Growbots but not sure if you can achieve a successful implementation?

  • Do you want to experiment with what's possible but don't have the time or staff to make sure it's successful?

  • Are you concerned about pulling other people away from their primary job focus in order to get the most out of Growbots?

  • Are you looking for a consultant who understands the pitfalls and risks to outbound email and can lead effort but also collaborate with your team?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions, we can help. Focus on having the most important thing your business can have - new business relationships with new customers. 

Download The Art of Customer Acquisition by Greg Pietruszynski, CEO Growbots

"The work you did helped fill our calendar with qualified appointments which lead to a lot more new business than we could have ever found using the old method.”

M. Wasserman

Interior Move Consultants.

"The PitchKitchen team got Growbots to increase my weekly appointments 5x times in a matter of 3 months.”

Ben Rosner

e-home, inc.


"We have a lot of expertise with inbound marketing techniques, but they helped us reach many prospects which have turned into new clients.

Steve T.

CCA Marketing


Growbots Implementation Packages

Your Growbots licensing fee is in addition.

Start-up Package


  1. Project Start-up | web meeting, demonstration of possible configurations, project goal definition, target definitions, participant roles definition, publishing internal project plan.

  2. Filter and Cadence Set-ups | Up to 1 email account creation, integration and testing.

  3. Writing of 3-4 emails for 1 cadence.

  4. Weekly editing of emails, tweaking filters.

  5. Includes 1 Growbots training session with up to 1 staff.


Per Month x 3 Months*

Corporate Package

Everything from the start-up package plus:


  1. Create JTBD Framework (Job To Be Done )

    1. Define job your customers hire your product to do.

    2. Turn your research into a job story.

    3. Build an ideal customer profile

    4. Match  ICP criteria to your job story

    5. Make job story actionable for messaging by creating a buyer persona

  2. Up to 5 email channels

  3. Up to 5 cadences

  4. Up to 5 projects

  5. Training with up to 2 staff

  6. Weekly reports published

  7. Weekly email feedback/tweaks for improvements on additional filters and cadences.

Per Month x 3 Months


Enterprise Package

Everything from the other packages plus:


  1. Dedicated Account Manager

    1. Work with you to create up to 5 JTBD project definitions.

    2. Define your competition and analyze their customers

    3. Define the customers you want and analyze them

    4. Interview 3 reps in your company who has contact with
      your customers

  2. Up to 10 email channels

  3. Up to 10 cadences

  4. Training with up to 5 staff

  5. Confirming optimal delivery using and identifying issues for resolution.

  6. Confirming DMARC, SPF and other email authentication aspects so not to risk email deliverability issues.

  7. Weekly 30-minute conference calls to review reports and discuss improvements on additional projects, filters and cadences.

Per Month x 3 months


Unsure which package is best for you or need something custom?

Call us +1 (845) 512-8175 or ask for help @

Do what you love to do - talk with new customers..


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