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Turn your presentation into a conversation that creates trust.


Brian Burns

The B2B Revenue Leadership Show

The Brutal Truth of Sales and Selling

Greg Rosner

Founder, Pitchkitchen

Helping business leaders upgrade their bad presentations

This course teaches you to communicate and differentiate you, your company, and your product. We spell out clearly what the perfect pitch looks like and how to deliver it.

"Clarity itself is the most important form of persuasion in a presentation"

"What is really effective is matching the selling process with the prospect's decision process."

After spending 20 plus years selling enterprise software I now work with sales leadership teams to help create and dominate their market segments. 


My approach is based on an exhaustive study of hundreds of eight, seven and six-figure deals across several industries and geographies. What I have discovered is that the majority of salespeople are "Selling Backwards". Selling Backwards means that the focus is on the outside of the prospect looking in. Instead of obsessing on messaging, positioning, presentations, demonstrations, and closing... what is really effective is matching the selling process with the prospect's decision process. 


What we have found is that the salespeople who still embrace the old-school dogma of relying on relationships, one-on-one selling skills and aggressively pushing their prospects are as obsolete as palm pilots. What I teach is what is going on inside the prospect's organization and how they make product selections. I then show salespeople how to guide/control the decision and how to keep the selection moving and in your favor.

We've done the research.

Let us help you turn your presentation into a conversation.


Upgrade to the modern way of presenting.

Upgrade your natural presenting skills by showing you how to turn your presentation into a conversation.


Welcome to the course!

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